Timeline – the full text of my Basic Speech Project No. 2 which I delivered on April 8, 2016 at the 5th meeting of the City of Angeles Toastmasters Club.

Timeline speechYesterday, I was a writer.

I said I was a writer because that’s what I do, that’s what I wanted to do. I said I was a writer because that was the only thing I wanted to do. I have always introduced myself as a writer since day one – an accountant by profession and a writer by passion. In writing, I express myself best, and I actually believed that I am better read than heard.

I am an introvert, and just like most introvert I want to be alone most of the time. I love solitude. Don’t get me wrong, I do not hate people… but I am not too keen to be around them. That is why I seek solace in writing. It has been my refuge, my shelter, and my comfort zone. It is in the written words that I find my freedom… because writing, for me, is to escape.

Then, Toastmasters came… and Toastmasters said, “Roy, can you please lead the invocation?” I’m sorry, let me correct that. Toastmasters never said please. Then Toastmasters said, “Roy, tell us about yourself,” “Roy, can you expound on this quotation?” “Roy, deliver your Icebreaker speech,” “Roy, evaluate our speaker,” “Roy, make these announcements.”

Toastmasters kept on pushing me out of my comfort zone, and I am not talking about a gentle push. Thanks to these people I met at a restaurant two months ago… people who I thought were my friends!

Today, I stand before you delivering my second basic speech project.

And when you see an introvert like me, bravely standing behind the podium, confidently talking in front of people, and delivering a speech at the snap of a finger, then Toastmasters must really be doing a great job. Thank you my friends.

I am not yet a good speaker, though. I still have a long way to go. But I would like to think I already made progress – from someone who would speak nonsensical, repetitive and gibberish words to someone who actually makes sense and has a message to deliver… and yes, I am still a writer.

Tomorrow, I will still be a writer.

I will always embrace the idea of playing god where I can decide who lives and who dies, who wins and who loses, who stays and who goes, who falls in love with whom, and of course, the power to twist all existing realities until the lady with the sweetest smile finally ends up with the rightful man.

But I am also excited with the idea that at any given time, I can give voice to my writings. I am looking forward at the opportunities to share what I wrote, and perhaps I may finally learn how to animate my voice so that what I am sharing may sound dramatic and interesting.

I write to express, not to impress. That has always been my line. In public speaking, however, I may have to modify that. While I talk and express myself, I want my message to leave an impression on my listeners. Something that will either inspire, convince, challenge, or provoke them. Something that will add value to them just because they listened.

I do not want to be known for using big and colorful words. That is not me. Even if I want to it is not possible because I do have limited vocabularies, but just like in my writing, what I lack in eloquence, I will make up with sincerity.

My speech will end here, but the learning will not. After all I am still in the process of blooming, and as I bloom in this world of public speaking the more I will be wanting to share, the more I will want to reach out. And maybe… just maybe, I can finally live out the tagline I wrote in one of my blogs, and that is… as I seek for inspiration, I also seek to be one.



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